Thursday, August 25, 2011

18 month check in :-)

Our little boy is 18 months old. Where has the time gone? I can't believe it. He is getting so big and learning so much.

So we went to the doctor and I'm happy to report that Mack went from 10% in weight to 15%. Yay! He now weighs 22 lbs and 15.8 oz. I was pretty stressed when at his 15 month appointment he went from 15% in weight to 10%. I mean he is already skinny - I don't want him getting skinnier. He still has a big head at 50 cm (96%) and he is 70% height at 32 3/4 in (wonder if he'll keep that up).

The doctor was very impressed with his development as well. Mack says a ton of words now. Probably over 50. He was talking away in the doctors office and she was like - "wow, he is quite a talker". Then she asked me if he was saying two word phrases. He isn't - but he's not supposed to until 2 years. He also has done almost everything on the development worksheet which goes up until 2 years. I think I am so happy about this because he didn't walk until 16 months - 16 months! I can't believe that was just two months ago. Now he runs around the house. It is so cute and adorable. I will have to post his walking video since I didn't blog about it.

His favorite words are "dog", "ball", "daddy", "duck", "snack" and "elmo". But he says lots of other things like "bubbles", "baba" (bottle), "ready", "light", "keys". "Mommy" is still getting the shaft. He can say it, but to hear it is rare and normally prompted by me. Whereas everytime the phone rings or he sees a phone - he's like "daddy?". He doesn't realize that anyone else calls us. Hahaha.

He loves animals and says"elephant" (sounds like "eh eh fen"), "monkey", "panda"... He also knows where his eyes, nose, mouth and ears are - and can say them too. His favorite song is "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" and it is so cute to see him try and point to his "eyes and ears and mouth and nose" while I sing it. (He's a little slow, but he gets them all right. :-)) He has also started doing the hand gestures for "itsy bitsy spider" and "twinkle twinkle little star".

He is OBSESSED with Elmo - that deserves its own post, so I will write about that later :-).

In any case, he continues to be the apple of our eye.

Love that boy!