Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So, almost 10 months into this motherhood thing, you would think it would have become old hat by now.... that I wouldn't still get an amazing thrill everytime I go to get Mack when he wakes up and he has that beaming smile for me. But, no, my heart still jumps with joy and every day I thank God over and over for our amazing little boy and the love we have for each other. I still don't mind those rare nights he wakes up and I have to go to him, because part of me enjoys getting to see him :-).

I can't believe God blessed us with a baby boy who is so perfect, so happy and just so fun - and beautiful! Do all babies smile every time you look at them? His disposition is just so wonderful. I am trying to treasure this time - it is so magical. I always find myself saying, oh I can't wait until this... And it's true, I anticipate all these things and this life that we get to live with him - but I don't want to focus on the future so that I don't fully appreciate, taste, smell, enjoy the present with him.

I just love, love, love to hold him close and breath him in. It is so wonderful. He does the cutest thing now....he puts his forehead to mine and just kind nuzzles our heads together - it is so endearing. He has such winning ways - and we can't even take any credit for it, that's just how he was born :-).

Oh, Mack, I love you so much and pray for wisdom and guidance to raise you such that you will live up to your full potential. You are such a special spirit. I know God intends amazing things for you and your life.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sykes Christmas Card 2010

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